Xiaomi Air purifier 3H/C/PRO NFC MOD, How does it work?

After opensourcing the mod chip I wanted to give some insights on how the mod-chip itself works.

open source info: click

System overview Xiaomi air purifiers (3H/PRO)

As can be seen in the image above, the system consist out of several sub systems.
The two most important sub-systems are:

  1. NFC Filter
  2. Stm32F412RET6

There are two ways to bypass the NFC filters, Make an implant that mimics the behaviour of the NXP NFC IC. Or use Ghidra to reverse engineer the firmware and remove the NFC checks from the software all together.
I did both (the Ghidra hack we will discuss later)

Pinout of the Xiaomi air purifier 3h/c/pro NFC PCBA connector:
Where to find the Xiaomi air purifier 3H/Pro NFC PCB: Click

From an ease of entry standpoint it’s just easier to swap out the NFC board than to take the whole thing apart and reflash the ST microcontroller.

Now to the juicy bits, How does it work:
When you open the filter door or turn on the the air purifier the device will communicate over I2C with the filters.
Right before first communication is done it will pull the PWDOWN line low.
so the first piece of the code is (ofc after all the STM32 settings):

 if (HAL_GPIO_ReadPin(GPIOA, PDOWN_Pin)==0) { 


This piece of code will enable the I2C Interrupts to start functioning. Else: Disable the interrupts and set rx_counter to zero.

void HAL_I2C_AddrCallback(I2C_HandleTypeDef *hi2c, uint8_t TransferDirection, uint16_t AddrMatchCode)

	if(TransferDirection == I2C_DIRECTION_RECEIVE) //Need to send

		HAL_I2C_Slave_Seq_Transmit_IT(&hi2c1, TX_COMMAND, 16, I2C_FIRST_AND_LAST_FRAME);

	 else if(TransferDirection == I2C_DIRECTION_TRANSMIT)//Need to receive

		HAL_I2C_Slave_Seq_Receive_IT(&hi2c1, rx_buff, sizeof(rx_buff), I2C_FIRST_FRAME);


the rx_counter is important, why: see code above.
Every time the air purifier sends a message on the I2C bus and PWDON ==0 it will check if we need to send a message or receive a message. If we need to send a message (thus respond to previous messages) I will do rx_counter++ (+1). (I do the same if we need to receive something)
Then I mapped all the response in a list:

Xiaomi air purifier NFC responses

And when the response counter corresponds with the rx_counter, it will send the appropriate commands.

I can’t share the complete code I wrote, since it would be to easy for Xiaomi to bypass the modchip.

I sell on Tindie


  1. Looking for a solution that will allow me to use filters without time limit and prevent the enrichment of Xiaomi Corporation, I came across a blog at flamingo-tech.nl where I read about Xiaomi modchip.

    Although it was the easiest (and cheapest) way to buy a modchip through Tindie, I decided to make this my new DIY project.

    I would like to encourage those who would like to try the same by saying that the author/admin was super mega helpful, answered every question and gave advice that helped me complete the project. The whole project was a great journey and I’ve had learned a lot.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done mate- people like you make this a better place.

  2. After fight with this purifier, after some market research and after lecture of your work (great BTW), I think it would be best to create my own purifier from scratch.

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