How to: Update/Upload firmware in the Xiaomi Modchip.


You need the following:

  • STM32CubeProgrammer : Click
  • Programmer: ST-link v2 or V3 ,Super cheap option: Click
  • Hex/ELF files: Click (Pro for for air purifier PRO, V1.0 For the 3H/2S)
  • Xiaomi Modchip

Step 1

Open STM32CubeProgrammer:


Press open file (Next to device memory) And navigate/load to the correct HEX/ELF file.

STM32CubeProgrammer With the correct Elf File loaded.

Step 2: Connect

DIY Xiaomi modchip (Shout out to Vlad from Serbia) You did an amazing job 🤘🤘🤘🤘 ps. Thanks for keeping the Flamingo allive.

Connect/Solder/Use pogo-pins to the ST-link with the following pinout:

  • TP1= SWDIO
  • TP2= +3v3
  • TP3= GND
  • TP5= SWCLK

Step 3: Flash

Plug in the ST-Link (sometimes you need to perform an update of the programmer itself. Just follow the onscreen steps)

Now press connect

Correctly connected programmer.

Now press the Blue Download button. This should start the flashing.

Well Done Clapping GIF by MOODMAN
Badabing Badaboom you’re done.

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