New Product: Open Duco Mini

It’s finally there! The Open Duco Mini 😀

The goal was to creat a miniature drop-in replacement for the DucoBox Silent.
The following features are supported in V1.1:

  • Reading of two sensors (Humidity & Co2) or any other ESPHome supported sensor (for more information see pinout of sensor 1 & 2
  • Reading the RPM of the motor.
  • Setting a desired speed of the Motor in Home assistant(via ESPhome plugin)
  • Replaceable fuse. (this was not the case on the original Duco :/)
  • All made from high Quality Parts, No cheap Chinese stuff (I see that allot but for something that needs to run 24/7 in my house…)
  • Layouted according to IPC-9592 (Creepage and clearance rules for 230 vac)
  • Fully opensource! All my data belongs to you 😀

Safety First:

IRM-05-5 Specifications

In Version V1.0 the sensors are not supported (made a mistake in pin numbers and pull-up resistors for I2C)
This is fixed in the version released on Github.

Project Github : Click

Working Open Duco Mini

More information on the available sensors:

  1. Humidity Sensor: Click
  2. Co2 Sensor: Click

This board supports all EBM-Papst fans <200Watts and with the following pinout:

This means that other brands of ventilators are also supported.

You can buy the boards on Tindie:

I sell on Tindie

Video of the device on action:

Video of the Open Duco in Action.

Gif of the Open Duco Mini working ^^


Schematic of the Open Duco Mini

fore information see Github : Click


Image of B.O.M

For more information see Github : Click

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