Open AIR Valve Installation

This will guide you with your installation of the Open AIR Valves in your Docobox! These valves can be used with the following boxes:

  • Ducobox silent Standard
  • DucoBox Silent Perilex
  • DucoBox Silent Connect
  • DucoBox Focus (warning Warning: Original Duco Valves are not supported! warning)

Step 1: Physical Installation

Install the Open AIR Valve in your ventilation box see picture below:

Open AIR Valve installation

The black arrow indicates the air OUTLET. Use the included stainless steel screws to fasten the Open AIR Valve power supply.

Step 2: Install The Valves

Before you install the valve make sure the valve cover is slightly behind the switch. See picture below:

Valve switch and cover orientation

The Open AIR Valve will automatically do a homing procedure when you power it up.

Place the valves in the square openings where the inlets connect to the box:

Ventilation box Open AIR Valve location.

Take special care of correctly alining the notch on the Open AIR Valve to the opening of the ventilation box.

Now Press the valve down. You should feel a small click when the valves are all the way down. Example image:

Open AIR Valve installation example.

Step 3: Install the 230VAC Power

This is the most dangerous step of the whole installation.

Very important :Unplug the power cable! Failing to do this may cause serious harm or death!! If you don’t know what you are doing or don’t understand the steps below. Please ask someone for assistance. Or call in a professional.

Now make a small hole in the cable inserts of your ventilation box (Use a screw driver or a knife)

Extra Hole example.

Feed the power cable that was supplied with the valves trough the hole you just made.

Very important: First push the orange flag and insert the cable at the same time. It is very important that you make a good connection! This is done by inserting the cable as deep as you can. After you’ve inserted the cable: stop pushing the orange flag. Give the cable a bit of a thug to make sure it is in there tight.

Your system should now look like this:

Open AIR Valve Power Supply.

In the picture above the power supply 230 Vac is connected like this (from left to right):
1: Live (brown)
2: Protective Earth (Yellow/green)
3: Neutral (blue)
Make sure this corresponds with the silkscreen of the PCBA (below the orange flags this text is printed)

There is one other way of installing the Open AIR Valve Power supply:

This is a more advanced installation and requires proper cabling, crimping and cable stripping. If this is the first time that you do this: This is not the right time…

You can run the whole system over a single power supply cable like this:

Single power supply cable example.

Remove the power cable from the Open AIR Mini (MAKE SURE ITS UNPLUGGED) then insert it to the power inlet of the Open AIR Valve Power Supply. Now make a cable that goes from the outlet of the Open AIR Power Supply to the Open AIR Mini (previously known as Open Duco MINI).

Please use proper 230VAC rated cabling, ferules, stripping & crimping equipment. Failing to do this may result in fire.

Step 4: Install the Open AIR Valve power cables.

Power supply cabling.

Now you can connect the two five pin cables from the Open AIR Power Supply to the Open AIR Valves. Make sure these are connected to the POWER connector and not the programming connector. The power connector is the connector all the way to the edge of the Valves. (See image above)

Step 5: Powering up!

Now connect the 230VAC plugs to your outlet. Your valves (if pre-programmed) should light up green and start a homing procedure. After this they will try to connect to the pre programmed network. If it cant find the pre-programmed network it will open a hotspot where you can configure your own network.

Congratulations you can now either start to program the Valves or configure them in HA. (depending if they are pre-programmed)

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