This is how they do it part 2!

I’m grateful that someone has finally responded to my initial post on this subject. For an insightful read, check out: Hacking My Air Purifier. It’s exciting to see that the website even includes an embedded UUID password generator!

Firstly, I want to express my appreciation for the comprehensive and informative write-up. Understanding how the password generation functions was truly made my day.
Moments like these are what make the internet an incredible place.This is why I love the internet :)!

Secondly, a heartfelt thanks for keeping the Flamingo project going. You might not fully realize it, but the logo means allot to me. <3

Thirdly, the critique:

“Flamingo Tech published a script written by Doegox outlining how the password crack works. Despite the title “This is how they do it!” he fails to explain the code within the post and uses the blog as a call to action to sell his own tags. Normally this sort of thing doesn’t bother me but the comment “This will significantly decrease the waste footprint from a whole filter.. to just a sticker 😀” rubbed me the wrong way. If he really cared about the carbon footprint he would have explained how to update the tag already on the filter you own. However if you want to support his work you can still grab his stickers here.”

I often find myself wishing for the expertise (hence not knowing a way to update the existing stickers with a phone…) to build/make something. With the tools and knowledge I had back then.. this was the best I could do.
My journey with hacking the Xiaomi Air Purifier was extensive, beginning with a hardware modification and eventually leading to a more stable and permanent solution (the stickers).
When I decided to publish this information, I was aware that once released, it would be challenging, if not impossible, to prevent its spread. In fact, that was precisely my intention – why else would I have shared it? However, I also recognize that this action might lead to a ‘David vs. Goliath’ scenario, where an individual like myself, with limited resources, could potentially face off against a powerful corporation.

Immense kudos to you for dedicating your time and effort to unravel and understand how this all functions. I sincerely hope you continue with this kind of work and keep sharing your discoveries. While I may not know you personally, I have a deep respect and appreciation for what you’re doing. Much love and respect ❤️.

I hope I rub way more people if this is the result 😉

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