Open AIR Valve Installation

This will guide you with your installation of the Open AIR Valves in your Docobox! These valves can be used with the following boxes: Step 1: Physical Installation Install the Open AIR Valve in your ventilation box see picture below: The black arrow indicates the air OUTLET. Use the included stainless steel screws to fasten… Continue reading Open AIR Valve Installation

This is how they do it!

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something new… But today I’ve got something big: Sometime last year I received an email from Doegox. A Belgium Hacker (I know him for his work on the ICE-man repo of the proxmark readers/writers). We exchanged some information and this is what I received from him:… Continue reading This is how they do it!

How to Install ESPhome and use Open Duco (mini/Pro)

1. Download and install python Download link: Download the latest version Windows installer (I used 3.9.9 64-bit. Click the Add Python xx to PATH.. this will save you time when you need to execute a python command.then press install now. (wait until the installer is finished) Then click: 2. Install ESPhome Open the start… Continue reading How to Install ESPhome and use Open Duco (mini/Pro)

How to: Update/Upload firmware in the Xiaomi Modchip.

Tools: You need the following: STM32CubeProgrammer : Click Programmer: ST-link v2 or V3 ,Super cheap option: Click Hex/ELF files: Click (Pro for for air purifier PRO, V1.0 For the 3H/2S) Xiaomi Modchip Step 1 Open STM32CubeProgrammer: Press open file (Next to device memory) And navigate/load to the correct HEX/ELF file. Step 2: Connect Connect/Solder/Use pogo-pins… Continue reading How to: Update/Upload firmware in the Xiaomi Modchip.

Xiaomi 001 PPM FIX, Update!

I was planning to release this way earlier than October, but work and private life got in the way 🙁 Small introduction into the problem: Two distinct signs: Slow to respond to particle changes. Display only shows 001 Cause: The sensor used in the Xiaomi Air Purifiers is the: PMS9003M by Plantpower Datasheet:PMS9003M This sensor… Continue reading Xiaomi 001 PPM FIX, Update!

Opensource DUCO Co2 and temperature sensor. (known as Duco CO2 sensor 0000-4216)

The following is released: Schematic B.O.M (Bill Of Materials) Gerber Files 3D files of the Housing Schematic: Download Schematic: B.O.M: Gerber Files: Change file name to: (add Z to zip) Step File of PCBA Housing Files: When 3D printing add support to the TOP side underneath the clips. More info on Github: