Opensource Duco Vochtsensor (Moisture Sensor) (0000-4218)

The following is released: Schematic B.O.M (Bill Of Materials) Gerber Files 3D files of the Housing Schematic: Download Schematic: B.O.M: Gerber Files: Change file name to: 0000-4218-vochtsensor-humidity-sensor-SHT-20.GERBEer_V2 .zip (add Z to zip) Step File of the PCBA: Housing: When 3D printing add support to the TOP side underneath the clips.

Xiaomi Modchip open source!

Easier way to replenish your filters : Click The following will be released: Schematic B.O.M (Bill Of Materials) Geber Files Software binaries (see below) I will write the following tutorials: How to flash your Modchip How to order your Modchip see below Explanation of how the software works. Schematic: Downloadable PDF: B.O.M. This is quite… Continue reading Xiaomi Modchip open source!