Installing and using ESPtools

Step 1.Install Python (On Windows 10) Option 1: On Windows 10, you may type “python” in the Windows search box beside the Windows Start button and download Python from the Windows App Store. Option 2: Download the latest version of python from their website: click Don’t forget to check the “Add Python X to PATH”… Continue reading Installing and using ESPtools

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H Reverse Engineering Part 1: Probing Around

Welcome to the family Xiaomi Air Purifier H3! If something enters my house I open it as quickly as possible and start probing around. The following information is for educational Purposes only! Note, I absolutely love Xiaomi stuff since it is cheap, of decent build quality, and it’s fun to probe around in! How to… Continue reading Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H Reverse Engineering Part 1: Probing Around

Xiaomi Xiaofang S1 RTSP hack 2


As I suspected in the previous post (16 Feb 2019, i know its been a while) this firmware is not really safe. stacksmashing made a nice video about a firmware hack. Full explanation in the video below: it’s really cool to watch a software hacker do its thing!    

Xiaomi Xiaofang S1 RTSP hack


how to flash custom firmware: download: 1:Format your microSD to FAT32 (use a micro SD card smaller than 4GB) my 16GB kingston  cards where giving me trouble. 2:put the CFW-1.0.bin file on the MicroSD and rename CFW-1.0.bin to demo.bin 3: insert micro SD card into camera 4:hold reset buton & power on, keep pushing the… Continue reading Xiaomi Xiaofang S1 RTSP hack